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Who We Are

XC012412bsmallerThe Jackson-Crockett Company, founded in 1991, provides management consulting and services to a broad range of clients in fields such as education, finance, logistics, medicine and not-for-profit.

The company specializes in custom databases based on the off-the-shelf application FileMaker Pro.

Founder Jeff Wilson combines his long-standing communication skills with up-to-date technical knowledge to design elegant database solutions for clients.

Jeff has a history of successful business management, including leadership of Nashville Business Journal newspaper from startup (1985) to profitability as its "de facto publisher," in the words of one owner.

He spent the first half of his career in journalism, including service with The Associated Press. At various times, he represented four newspapers in the (Tennessee) Capitol Hill Press Corps.

He interrupted his journalism career to serve two years as Special Assistant to U.S. Sen. Jim Sasser of Tennessee.

He has been the (largely) volunteer Executive Director since 2005 of the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature, leading the revival of the organization after a multi-year dormancy. He is also a director of the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature Foundation, which governs TISL.

Jeff has been a member of the Economic Club of Nashville (née Exchange Club of Nashville) since 1986 and has served multiple terms on the Board of Directors and in other leadership positions. He is also a former director of the Nashville Business Incubation Center.

He has lived in all three Tennessee Grand Divisions, visited all 95 Tennessee counties and traces his ancestry to the first European family to settle in Tennessee, the Beans.



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